by : Yadiel D. Cordero Badillo

A challenge is like a gate, blocking the entrance of the next step , level or solution. This obstacle can be interpreted as a metaphorical mountain. The act of climbing such mountain , in the digital or physical world requires a level of perseverance and patience as to not tire oneself out. No amount of forward progress is guaranteed; some cliffs are too narrow or slippery. The higher you climb, the impending danger of falling and losing everything becomes a constant. Likewise, every new line of code, refactored or instantiated might introduce an error…

By: Yadiel D. Cordero Badillo

Cybersecurity experts said that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have positively and negatively affected cybersecurity. Although relatively new AI security tools are often used to define “good” as opposed to “bad” by comparing the behavior of entities throughout the environment with those living in similar environments. Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to train data to respond to different situations. Artificial Intelligence is helping Cybersecurity to accelerate its technological progress. Security experts, including CISOs with products purporting to use artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency speed of both threat detection and response. Real-time…


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